Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29th

Hey Guys!

I started out my P day today by getting a haircut. There is an Hermana in my ward that does haircuts for us for free, so its pretty nice. I still don't know how I feel about parting my hair. It just isn't me. Haha But it will be my hairstyle for the rest of my life I guess. Oh well. :) Elder Lumbreras says Mucho Saludos a ustedes!

Christmas was pretty good for me! It was a normal proselyting day, but it was very good. I was a little homesick after skyping, and so was Elder Lumbreras. I gave him a blessing to help him. He only got like 20 minutes to talk to his family, and I think it was pretty hard on him. He only got like 8 minutes to talk on the phone with his mom, because she was in the car, and he got 20 minutes with his dad and brothers. We both had a little bit of a hard time, but we are powering through here and it is really paying off. The dinner at my stake presidents house was really good, really really good food. And one Hermana in my district gave everyone in the district a lava lava, because she is samoan, but she lives just down 4800 west from us. Well past the olympic oval, but not too far away. I will have to see if I can get the picture of all of us wearing our lava lavas.

We have been working a lot with the members this week, and trying to get referrals every day if it is possible. The other day when we were out, we stopped by a members house in our ward to use her bathroom, and after ask for references. She didn't want to change into real clothes to go out and help us get references, and said "estoy ocupado" when we asked her if she would help us. I gave her crap for that after. Haha But we have two great new investigators because we worked with a member, so that was a highlight of Saturday!

Yesterday we had a baptism, and that was great. Her name is Leticia, and she was really happy when we baptized her. We had an interesting circumstance because she has really bad back problems, so Elder Lumbreras and I baptized her together so that she wouldn't have pain in her back. The other picture in this email is from the hike 2 weeks ago, and I thought that this was a funny picture.

Dad, You will have to get me caught up on all of the TV shows and movies when I get home. I sometimes miss watching Doctor Who with you and Syd. That was always fun on Saturday mornings when we were just relaxing in the house. Christmas day wasn't really different at all than any other day in the mission. We just taught lessons, but one Hermana gave us some really good food to eat in the night, lasagna, and crepes. Man were they good. I still don't speak Spanish great, but I feel like it is getting better. I can understand the language a lot better than I can speak it. I hope Steve is right and that I sound good in Spanish. Haha

Mom, If things go as usual, then I should have a transfer in 4 weeks. Can you guys believe that I have been in Mexico for 8 weeks now? It is going by really fast, and it really does seem faster and faster every day, especially since it is almost 2015. I hope it continues to go fast for all of us. I don't want to wish away my mission by any means, but I really do miss seeing everyone all the time, and I can't wait to come home to be with you all again. We are being very careful every day. We sometimes decide not to go to a certain area because we don't feel good about it. And we are always very cautious. The other day we saw a group of guys with stuffed animal type people in their trucks piled pretty high. Elder Lumbreras told me not to look at them in the eye, because they are killers. Needless to say, we got away from that area pretty fast and got back to teaching. You will do great in school Mom, I have faith!

Kenzie, It is crazy to think about how fast time is flying in the mission. It will just continue to fly, believe me. Here days are weeks, and weeks are days. It may not make sense, but in the mission it is very true. Haha I blink and here we are in another P day. We only had the ice cream that night, because we had a big dinner at the stake presidents house. And pizza is 200 pesos to eat. Its really not that much, but we only have 1500 pesos every month, and sometimes I even have to use my debit card from home to get pesos. I can't wait until I am just a drive in my truck away to hang out with you and Justin again. I am really glad that we hung out a lot before the mission, but now I wish that I could be there right now hanging out with you guys. Haha But I know that it will come fast for us to be able to have Halo parties again. I miss you sista, and hope that everything in your life continues to go well.

We lost one of our golden investigators a couple weeks ago. It was Angeles, the woman that found all of the Anti Mormon crap in the internet. She texted us and told us that she didn't want it any more. And now every time we go to her house and knock on the door, she tells us that she doesn't want it, and thank you. It is kinda sad to see people go cold like that, but oh well. We sparked a fire of the spirit in her that she will never be able to deny. She told us herself that she had beautiful feelings in her heart when we talked to her. Freaking Satan!

Alex, I hope things are going well for you in your life right now. And that you continue to date Nicole, and never forget to make her feel happy. Haha I hope that you continue to keep this job, and that it is always good work for you. I can't wait to see you again, and nerd out on video games again. Haha Have a good week bro, I love you!

Syd, Hows my little sister doing? I hope that you are still enjoying seminary, and learning about D&C. Remember to read the book of mormon from the beginning as well as your studies in D&C. It really will be a blessing in your life if you continue to study in the scriptures, and you will always have a love for studies in the gospel, and enjoy reading your scriptures. Mark them with certain colors for certain topics. Believe me, it will be cool when you can go through and see what meaning you found in all of the scriptures, and you will have a reference for your scripture study. Never forget to pray. You can pray at any time, and in any place. I have prayed in the middle of the street many times, and it really helps me to have the spirit with me throughout the day. Have a good week sista, and remember that I love you. I miss you, and can't wait to see you in a short amount of time. (believe me it will go fast)

Justin, How is your new job in South Jordan going? I hope that this job turns out to be so much better than the District. Hopefully you will be able to go to family functions more with this job too. Have a good week bro, and I can't wait to hang out with the family again. We will have a great Halo party with a lot of Voltage when I get home. I hope that things continue to go well with you, and that you and Kenzie continue to have a happy marriage. I love you Bro!

I love you all, and I really mean it when I say that I can’t wait to see all of you again, and talking on skype really was great. I really do miss home right now, but I have a better purpose here. I have seen miracles in the mission, and it is a really humbling experience. My faith is so much stronger now than it ever has been. I really do love the people here. The members are great, and all of the people we come in contact with are very humble no matter what religion they are. But people that are hard to work with are Jehova's Witnesses. They are just a little bit difficult because they try to debunk everything in our religion, and find reasons why it isn't true, but we are firm in our faith and just ignore those people if they are a problem for us. We don't encounter a whole lot of them, but some of them are not very open to listen to our message. But nothing can stop me from preaching the gospel!

I love you all!


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