Monday, December 29, 2014

December 22nd Email

Hey Guys!!

I figured out that I can Skype if I want to, so I would try to get that set up soon. But if I don't have time to get to a computer or something, it will probably just be a phone call. But I really hope that It can be Skype, and I will try my hardest to make it possible for us to Skype in 2 days! We are planning to call at 6:00 just so you guys know also.

Christmas is a lot different down here. They celebrate on the 24th, have a huge meal, then they sleep all day on the 25th. Unfortunately the sleeping part will not be a part of my day. It will just be a normal day in the life of a missionary! haha

And Dad, to answer your other questions, I have a couple really good investigators. One is named Victor, and the other is very new and his name is Cesar. Victor is great but he has a lot of doubts. He was supposed to be baptized yesterday, but he told us again that his answer was no. We explained to him that all of these feelings of not wanting to be baptized are from Satan, and that he really has received his answer through the spirit. He had an interesting experience during a prayer the other day after a lesson. He experienced an immense amount of pain in his head, and he took that as his answer to not be baptized, and remain in the Catholic church. I showed him that in the Bible it says that feelings of the Spirit are Joy, Happiness, and Peace, not pain. He still said no, and that he isn't ready at the moment. We are going to work very hard with him to get him baptized, and we are holding a family home evening with his family in their home. His sister and her daughter and sons regulary attend the church. Her daughter and son are baptized in the church, but she cant right now because she isn't legally married, but we are going to work hard so this family can go to to the temple in one year. And Cesar is great. He was a street contact like two weeks ago, but he is turning out to be great. So far we have had two lessons with him, and our last lesson was great. We actually taught every principle of the first lesson to him, and it was very interactive. He asked questions about doubts, and had a lot of questions answered in that lesson. We invited him to church like we do with all of our investigators, and he said that he wanted to go to church! We hoped that he would come with us, so we went to his house before church and found him waiting for us with his door open. That never happens! He asked us if he should bring his Book of Mormon with him, and he is just turning out to be a golden investigator. He actively participated in Sunday School, and also in the Priesthood lesson. He is very excited, and asked us yesterday, "So who can I have baptize me when my date comes around?" He really is golden, and is very excited to learn more about the Gospel.

Also the kid that I baptized last week was confirmed a member of the church yesterday, received the office of a priest in the priesthood, and baptized his little 10 year old sister in the same day. It was a very happy day for him.

Cerro Del Borrego is the name of the mountain that we hiked last week. You can look it up, I am pretty sure that it is a State park. So they probably have a website for it. We hiked with another member in our ward Mauricio. He is really cool, and was glad to go with us.

Mom, That's awesome that you were accepted into the program in BYUI. I know that will be a great thing for you! Have fun with the homework! haha At least be glad that it is not my homework that is late, or due the next day. :) That is one thing that I am not looking forward to in coming home is going to college. But it is something that has to be done. haha And that's funny that Syd was so excited about the fact that he was still wearing her rainbow loom while he performed on stage. Things have been going pretty well around here!

That's awesome that they are getting a Cafe Rio in Jordan Landing. Man, I miss me some Cafe Rio. It will be weird seeing all of the changes in Utah when I come home. I'm sure they won't be drastic, but they will definitely be noticable when I get home.

Not much has changed around here, other than the investigators, and also our work ethics. We are working so hard, so that we can have a baptism every week. That really is a goal that I want to see happen with all missionaries here, because it is completely possible with the right work ethic.

Kenzie, Dad better be famous because of that video that you took of him. You need to make sure of it that it happens before I come home.:) I promise that these 2 years will go by fast. Think of how fast almost 3 months has gone by. Only 21 more to go. Its not really that long when you think of how fast time is already going. That is awesome that yesterday was the 6 year anniversary of you and Justin dating! That really makes me feel like the time in the mission is going to be gone in the blink of an eye, and it really will especially with how much I am enjoying it. I blink and another week has gone by. My week has been pretty good. Same old, same old in the mission. Haha Teach all day, sleep, teach all day, sleep. And man, 8 hours of sleep really is not that much when I am out proselyting all day.

I don't have a whole lot more time, but I love you guys all very much and hopefully I can have more time to adress a part of my email to everyone in the family as well. I had to do a sirvey about preach my Gospel that President Cordova wanted all missionaries to complete today. Enjoy watching A LOT of A Christmas Story for me, and have an enjoyable Christmas in the family. Eat a lot of food, and make sure to BE HAPPY. And always remember why we celebrate Christmas. Its in the name, CHRISTmas. He was the first gift of Christmas, and always will be the most important that you can share with everyone.

I love you all!!


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