Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Hey Guys,

Elder Armstrong and I were talking that you guys and his parents should get together. Elder Armstrong thinks that Dad and his dad would get along great together. You guys were right about these types of companions not lasting very long. I went to a meeting last night and they announced that I have a special transfer. I am now in the main part of Veracruz, and I am guessing that it is probably so that I can be closer to president. I am not in the offices, but I am with a new companion that only has 4 weeks left in his mission. His name is Elder Ramos. He is a pretty cool guy, but it was kinda fun to have an American companion for a little while. I think that they are doing this just so we can try to figure out what is going on with my headaches. I still have this headache and it is still chronic. I am going to go to the hospital today to try and figure out if we can't do anything else, because every pill that I have tried hasn't helped with the pain at all. So I hope that we can get this thing figured out. I am going to work with the mission doctor today, and also talk more with President Cordova to see what we can do.

Dad, I have been working with President, and with the doctor of the mission and I feel like I am getting great support. I haven't been able to work very hard in the past couple of weeks because of the pain, but maybe coming to Veracruz and being closer to President could help. Especially if it doesn't get better, because then I could easily go to the offices after my companion finishes his mission since this is his last transfer. That is fun that your date with mom worked out. I thought that was a really clever idea. And I really like what President Rowland is doing about the tablets and phones. It is a problem even here in Mexico. People are more focused on their phones than the spirit. I broke the sabbath yesterday too. Haha I left Sunday School so that I could go and buy myself a water bottle. I really needed water though and we don't have water fountains at the chapel in Orizaba. My companion Elder Armstrong only lasted 2 weeks. It really is true that these great companions don't last long. I love you too Dad!

Mom, You guys really should try to get together with Elder Armstrongs' parents. I can tell that he and I will be great friends for life, and it is cool that he lives not too far away. He lives over off of 11400 south in Sandy. I guess it’s true that the Lord knows what is best for me, and even though it was sad to leave Orizaba hopefully I will be able to get some help. I have been getting fed really well by the members, they always make a ton of food for the missionaries, and I try to drink water as much as I can even if I have to break the sabbath and go to buy one during church. Haha :) I think Dad is lacking testosterone in his life. He is resulting to watching Sister Wives. Haha I remember in the voice recorder Dad said, "This house is lacking testosterone." Justin and Alex will have to keep him whipped into shape. :) Elder Armstrong has a very similar sense of humor. He and I really got along great, and I was kinda sad when I got transferred. But I guess the Lord has a new plan for me in the mission. It really was easier to speak English for 2 weeks, because in English I don't even have to think about it, but in Spanish it is a lot harder for me especially since I still am learning the language every day. I hope that we can find something today to help my headaches, and hopefully I can stay in the mission. I talked about it with Elder Armstrong and really if it came to the point that I had to come home, I would be at peace with it, because it would just be part of the Lords plan for me. I will keep you guys updated with everything that is going on with the Doctors, and if I start to get relief from these headaches. I love you too Mom!

Kenzie, My head is still pretty bad, and I haven't really had much relief, but maybe being in Veracruz will help. That stinks that Justin had to work and that you guys didn't get to go on a date, but that is fun that you got to take Syd out for a girl’s night. I am sure that just made her day being able to do that with you. I miss being able to just come over and hang out with you all the time. I really am glad that we got to hang out a lot before I came out, because we became so much closer. I can't wait until we can have the chance to do that again. That stinks that your dogs have been sick since they got haircuts. :/ Hopefully it’s just a little bug and they can get feeling better soon. I hope that you have a great week Kenzer! I will probably go to the hospital tonight to see if there is anything that we can do. I will try my best to get better so that I can enjoy it more. I love you too Kenzie!

Syd, How’s it going little sis? I hope that everything is going well for you. I am glad that you got to go out for a girl’s night with Kenzie. That is always fun. :) And don't worry about not having a Valentine. Dad can always be your valentine, or in this case Kenzie. :) I hope you are having a great week and that you continue to enjoy your life. I love you little sis!

I hope that you guys all have a great week! I will try to keep you all updated on what goes on now that I am in Veracruz. I love you all!!