Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15th

Hey guys!!

Today I had a pretty good P day! We actually went on a hike in the mountains. It was about a 35 minute hike, and it was beautiful. It was a lot of fun, but it made me realize just how out of shape I am. Haha I'll send some more pictures from the hike next P-day if I get the chance.

My baptism was great yesterday! He is such a cool kid, and he was ready to be baptized. I asked him how he felt after, and he told me he felt very peaceful, and that he felt great. When he asked me to baptize him, he told me he wanted it to be special for both of us since it was my first baptism in the mission. It was a great day yesterday.

Our zone hasn't been meeting our goals lately, and it isn't good. We are all working so much harder now, because we have a goal of 17 baptisms for this next month. And I know that we can do it!

Mom, to answer your questions. I do not know when I will get to call you, and I don't know if I will be able to skype with you guys, but I only have 40 minutes to talk. I can talk either on the 24th or the 25th, so hopefully I will be able to plan and let you know more before hand. I have not gotten the package yet, because the president hasn't been back to Orizaba for a little while since our zone conference. The weather has still been pretty cold here, but it got a little bit better today, because the sun was actually out for a good portion of the day. But it still has been pretty cold. I wish I had more pictures of the mountains here. They are beautiful, and not one part of any of the mountains is bare. They are all covered pretty much completely by trees. And to answer your question on food, we eat at a members house every day except for P-day. And for the most part I really love all of the food that is served. The store that we have for food is called Soriana, and it is pretty much a Harmons but in Mexico. Usually we only buy stuff that we can eat quickly before bed, and usually cereal and other things for breakfast. I took 600 pesos out of my account today, because I don't have my mission card yet. But don't worry, 600 pesos is only like 60 dollars. But I need it for the week. I am doing pretty well. My Spanish is coming along a lot better, and I can speak a lot more in lessons. I need to learn the lessons better still, but it really is coming along.

Dad, I don't know about the calling, whether it is collect call or something else. I have not heard too much about it myself, so I will let you guys know as soon as I can. I actually did get a letter from Lia a couple weeks ago, and the letter was actually from when we were both in the MTC. She sent it straight to the mission office because it wouldn't have gotten to the MTC in Provo in time. She seems very happy. She also emailed me today, and it sounds like she is enjoying it a lot in Chile. And she is having great experiences as well. I figured why not email her. Because everyone here emails friends, so I just decided to email her as well. He is the gift is awesome huh! I get kind of sick of it at times, because I usually watch it a few times a day, but it is a beautiful video. Don't worry about making me homesick. It has been getting so much easier with more time here, and understanding Spanish better, and also getting to know the other Elders and Sisters in my zone and the members in my ward. Everyone here is so great. Tell Uncle Doug that I say "Hi!" as well. haha I am glad that people enjoy reading my letters. And about your dizzy spells. I know how you feel, because I had a lot of them in the MTC, and also I have had a few here where it just feels like the entire room is spinning. I miss you every day too dad. I was glad that we had the little trip to Bobby’s before I left. In a letter that Grandma sent to me she said that Grandpa still talks about that trip. I really enjoyed that trip as well.

We think that we may lose two of our investigators this week, because they have been acting strange. One is the one I talked about in my email last week. She is so great, but now she never answers her phone when we try to call, and she never answers the door when we go to her house. We have the same problem with another one of our investigators, Lety. She is great as well, but she told us that she knows the church is true, and she believes it, but she doesn't want to change. It is a little difficult, but we are hoping that we can turn them into progressing investigators. Because if that does not happen, today will be a goodbye lesson for both of them, and I really do not want that, because they are both great.

Kenzie, That is awesome that you got spongebob socks from a white elephant exchange. It was just meant to be. haha :) Like I said to mom and dad, I am not sure if I will get to skype with you guys, but I really hope so. If not, calling is just as good. You need to get shopping, or you are going to procrastinate everything until Christmas Eve. haha I really hope that Justin gets that job in South Jordan! I will pray that he will, and cross my fingers and toes. I pray so much more here than I ever have in my entire life. It really does help though, especially when it is a prayer in faith. Never forget to pray when times get tough. I pray for you and Justin every day, and for the entire family. I hope things continue to go well with you. Hab a na da!

Justin, My ninja brother! I really hope that you get that job in South Jordan. It will be so much better for you than the one in the District. I pray for you always, and I can’t wait to see you again, and have an awesome Halo party. I love you bro!

Syd, I hope that you are having a good time in School. I pray that you do every day. Never forget to pray, EVER. It is very important that you continue to pray, and read your scriptures. It will bless your life more than you can imagine. Have a good day sista!

Alex, I hope that work and everything has been going well with you. I hope that this job continues to be a great job for you, especially with all the time that you spent trying to find a job before this one. I can’t wait to see you again Alex, and I can’t wait to have a Halo party when I get home!! haha Have a good week Bro!

Can you guys believe that I have been here for over a month now? Time is flying by already in the mission and it is crazy. I hope you guys all have a good week. Know that you are always in my prayers.

This is all I have time for, but I love you guys all so much.

Para siempre Dios este con vos.

See if you can figure the last part out without a translator. :)


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