Saturday, October 18, 2014

2nd Email 10/18/2014

Hey Guys!
I hope you guys all liked the pictures. I tried to get you as many as I could. Those pictures in the package made me happy. I feel better seeing pictures of everyone. Dad, I love that picture of you in the MTC. That really made me smile. It looks like you had a lot of fun in the MTC too. I feel like the stress is getting a lot better. It is always still there, but I think I am getting better at ignoring all of the feelings of stress. I'm going to send one email to everyone, but I will have a little while to email, so feel free to send me personal emails too.

That's cool that Logan is going into the MTC soon. I am excited for him. I haven't heard anything from Tasi, so I don't even know the status on him getting out on a mission. How is everyone doing? No more tears right? :) I hope you are all doing well. I am doing pretty well too. I still get so frustrated with the language, but I know that it will come so long as I am working hard and being optimistic. Today a little after 1:00 I will get to go to the provo temple to do an endowment session. And I am pretty excited for that. :) 

Dad, I have a question for you. I was told silk ties will get ruined in an environment like Veracruz, is that true? If so, that green tie of yours that I really like is 100% silk. I want to be able to wear it, but I also don't want it to get ruined while I am out in the field. On my last P-day which was 2 weeks ago, we went to burgers supreme for lunch and that was pretty good. But we are not allowed to go off campus other than going to the temple on our P-days on main campus. They are a lot more strict here than on West Campus.

My new mailing address is:

Elder Nicholas James Carbine
2013 N. 900. E Unit #381
Provo, UT 84602

I'd like to go back and forth for a bit, so I'll let you guys respond with anything you want to say. :) I have been looking forward to this for a while

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