Monday, November 17, 2014

Emails from today

Hey Guys!

Today is my first p-day, and I feel like it has gone pretty well so far. When I got here the first day, we arrived at the airport to find that we did not have a ride to the mission home. We were supposed to be greeted by the mission president, but nobody showed up to greet us, and we were left alone at Veracruz airport for a couple of hours until we could get ahold of someone in the mission office.

And guess what? I got put into the hottest area...NOT!!! I am in the coldest area of the mission. Most days I end up wearing a heavy coat, and I always carry an umbrella. As we speak it is raining here, but it really is a beautiful area. I am not allowed to take pictures in the street for safety purposes, so I won't be able to take pictures of my area. Its sad, but it is even more reason to come back after my mission. :)

I have a few pictures, one of me and my companion, and some of my house. My house is an actual house in a neighborhood in Orizaba (my area) and it is a small little house, but it is home. My companions name is Elder Lumbreras, and he is native to Mexico. He speaks a little english, so we are helping eachother learn english and spanish. He lives in Iguala Guerrero, Mexico.

How is everyone doing back home? Is everyone doing well? I pray for all of you every day.

We actually had one of our investigators, Lety come to church with us Yesterday, and she is great. She even stayed for our Gospel Principles class. :)

I cannot speak spanish very well. I realized that when I got into Mexico. But I am getting better. I can start to explain things, but I mostly just testify of things that we are talking about with investigators.

I'll be on for a while, so ask any questions you want. :)

P.S. I would just probably use the mission home address for now. I think they send the mail to our area, but I am not sure, because the mission home is a 3 hour drive from my area.


I can't do what I did in the MTC. I can only send one email, and that is it. So I can't chat back and forth, but at least you get to hear from me at least once.

I will make next week’s email even better, and longer. I wish I could talk back and forth, but Elder Lumbreras said that it is against mission rules to do that, so I really will try to say more next P-day.

I love you guys so much, and pray for you every day, multiple times.

I love you,


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